JZ says there's no question that biofuel production is contributing to the global food crisis: last year the US government burned hundreds of million dollars of coal and other materials to obtain biofuel. So President Bush says we have to get away from a dependency of foreign fuel and help the climate disaster�these arguments are not absurd. But it affects the right to life for staple food for others. Staple food is a right for hungry people around the world, and these poor people will not be able to get food. (Biofuels have to be better than fossil fuels, but is the problem not one of distribution?) There are many problems, and not all of them come to the burning of staple foods. There is the stock exchange crisis also and then there is corruption in many parts of the Third World. Distribution is then not done in the right way and hindered by corruption. (In terms of biofuels themselves, when thinking about the distribution, it takes a lot of fuel to get food to certain parts of the world and isn't it better then to rely on biofuels instead of fossil fuels?) If you do it for transport, naturally biofuel is better for the climate. Climate change is also a problem but it comes after the right to life.

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