This man calls this national park in Congo an island in the sea of humanity. He is part of one of the world's oldest conservation groups. He says the park is supposed to be a haven for mountain gorillas but even in peaceful times the surrounding humanity put greats stress on the gorilla's habitat. And now there's the added pressure of humans in the region fighting each other. Another person monitoring the situation is this man who created a video game for cell phones called �Silverback.� He wanted the game to be rooted in reality but also let gamers see the world through the mountain gorillas' eyes. He says we try to lead people through the life of a mountain gorilla. He says when the game first came out in 2003, it raised a decent amount of money for the cause. But then interest waned and the game was shelved. Now his team wants to re-release �Silverback.� The game can be played for free but you are urged to donate some money. This game reviewer says the developers have a good start but might need to do more to get people engaged in the cause and not just the game. But the creator thinks the game can make a significant impact as far as conservation is concerned and raise awareness about the cause.

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