(So these vending machines will be located in welfare centers. Are there plans to eventually make them more available in widespread locations?) We wanted to be more accessible for the target group and then after that they can expand it to other areas. So it's a step by step goal. (Was there an anonymity aspect to this plan and use of vending machines that made it attractive?) We expected to have the vending machines two or three years ago. But some of the policies changed. This new window came back for us though. (Many people would be surprised to hear about this rampant of drug use in Iran.) Well it is an issue. 80% of the drug trafficking comes from Afghanistan and we also have a huge youth population, under 30 years old, so this is important. (I'm wondering about other ways of how HIV is spread? The President of Iran said at Columbia University last year that there were no homosexuals in Iran. Do you believe the stigma towards being gay must change in order to successfully lower the rates of HIV in Iran?) The majority of HIV cases come from drug users but no matter the case we do not judge or label.

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