(From what I hear, there were many people who got close to the torch.) Almost no one in the public, there was unprecedented security, a lot of Indians are confused about it. this is a teeming city and the whole of downtown was completely shutdown. There were no cars on the street, nothing. It was quite amazing. (Who were the people running with the torch then?) About 17 people in total, including some of the country's top sportsmen as well as some Bollywood stars. (Does the plight of Tibetans evoke much sympathy in India?) I think it does and that's been played out in the media over the last few weeks. India has got the largest Tibetan exile group and we've seen massive daily protests. For the most part though it's been the Tibetan youth who have been active. (What's the story behind the Dalai Lama's opinion to support the Olympics?) His opinion does carry weight but even today we saw other protests. There are militants Tibetans here in India who also have a strong voice.

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