Posters at Starbucks ask customers to focus on the world water crisis. Church congregations ask the faithful to go on a "carbon diet." "Slate" magazine asks readers to take a "green challenge." We've got green cars, green clothing, green politics and even green weddings. On "To the Best of Our Knowledge," a look at the green revolution that's sweeping America - and the world, and how individuals are trying to do good for the planet.

Colin Beavan is a mild mannered writer and a self-described "guilty liberal." He maintains a blog of his and his wife's experiments in what they call "no impact living," and talks about it with Anne Strainchamps.

Also, Bill McKibben has been warning us about global warming since his 1989 book "The End of Nature." In his new book, "Deep Economy," he makes the case that "more" does not lead to a happier life. McKibben tells Steve Paulson that people seem to be happier with what's good for the planet.

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