In the show PU discusses sex in America and South Africa, and taps into the US presidential race, complete with campaign songs. PU says: my job is to adapt and not die and show how different countries don't have all that different of problems. I think AIDS is a frightening virus, but the cure is education and talking. I think Obama is bringing that extraordinary focus to this type of dialogue, and spoke to even South Africans. (How do South Africans and Americans think differently about race because it sounds like you're saying South Africans at least have a discussion about the topic?) Well, us whites should've been punished for what we did, but Nelson Mandela came out of prison and said let's move on together. He's relaxed all those terrible, predictable things. I see Obama having that style. Clinton has some of that style as well. (So let's hear a clip from one of your characters, Evita, who is larger than life. This is what it's like for her to set foot in the US. Do Evita and Hillary Clinton have anything in common?) First of all they're powerful women who understand how to look after their husbands. (It strikes me that you're very comfortable with the discomfort of the audience?) Yes, I think that's important�I don't want to have people sit back and not be offended. I am an equally opportunity offender. Everybody has got a skeleton in the closet. (When you talk about HIV in your show, you're hitting on another sensitive issue in your country. how are you allowed to talk about these things in South Africa when even the president doesn't believe in what the science says?) Well I can't be in denial about it. we do have a democracy and I remind myself and others that we are in a country of freedom of expression. I find it uncomfortable to claim my president is guilty of genocide, but I must say it anyway. (Is it easier for you to speak that way to people in South Africa when you're in high heels?) Desmond Tutu is just in love with Evita and Nelson Mandela is always phoning me up asking for Evita too.

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