Iran's role in Iraq

(Who are these special groups that Petraeus talked about that pose a threat to Iraq's security?) We don't know exactly who they are, but we assume offshoots of the Sadr militia and are specially trained. (Are they Iraqis or foreign militants?) The assumption is they're Iraqis funded and armed by Iran and Petraeus suggests they're operating on the orders of Iran. But this is very murky and they may only be focused on because the American officials are focusing on them. (Petraeus seemed more concerned about inter-Shiite violence than he did about Al Qaeda in Iraq?) Well Al Qaeda has been subdued and Moqtada al Sadr's force hasn't. (When considering the similar values between Iran and the US in Iraq, why is Iran being so divisive in Iraq?) Well it's actually more than that�Iran and the West have been backing the same politicians in Iraq since the beginning. But there are greater differences, such as the nuclear issue, Lebanon, etc, between Iran and the US. and that legacy is now visiting on Iraq. (In your own view do you believe Washington has an accurate view of Iran's intents?) I think the US has very strong views on Iran, but that doesn't mean it's an accurate one. Iran's support in Iraq is complicated. The main problem in Iraq is that the US and Iran matter most for security there, and if relations between Iran and the US are hostile then by definition it would be difficult to achieve stability in Iraq.

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