The men were on foot patrol in a previously well to do neighborhood of Baghdad when a young man about 17, according to eye witnesses, suddenly left the two women he was walking with, walked towards the Americans and detonated his suicide bomb. There's some dispute about the amount of men who died in the attack, the American say five soldiers died, while the Iraqi Security Services say six are dead. (What happened with this Sunni Sheikh also?) This is a Sheikh who's a leading member of the new Awakening Movement, essentially saying these are people who work with the Americans against Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda targets them and they successfully targeted this Sheikh and he was killed. The woman went to his house on Sunday and was turned away and it was clear she was not properly served. The main ingredient is that this was a woman suicide bomber and culturally, women are not searched as thoroughly as men. more women are being used as suicide bombers. It's also widely believed that male suicide bombers are not doing it for ideological reasons and they're being coerced. There's no absolute evidence of that though. (It seems as if the lull in violence is over). I don't agree with that. The city is much more peaceful, and Iraq is as a whole too. Insurgencies become more desperate what they're on the run. I think Al Qaeda are simply saying we haven't gone away, so I'm sure America will be deeply involved for at least another five years and maybe ten.