For today's Geo Quiz we've got Halls of Fame on the brain. Not the world renowned Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, nor for that matter, the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame in Tokyo. Baseball Hall of Fame, front doorBaseball Hall of Fame, front door We can tell you that the Hall of Fame we have in mind celebrates sport and not just any old sport like lacrosse, bowling, or golf which, by the way, all have their own International Halls of Fame. This one pays homage to the world's best Knife Throwers. The honor roll includes top knife throwers from Europe and South America, but this Hall of Fame is headquartered in a U.S. state capital along the Colorado River. So -- name this southwestern city if you can. Here's one more clue before we go: the city's also home to Lady Bird Lake. We'll reveal the answer here... Time to answer our Geo Quiz today. We're looking for the home of an international "Hall of Fame" that's a little off the beaten path... The answer is Austin, Texas, as The World's David Leveille explains:

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