The head rabbi of the yeshiva where the shooting took place wept while he spoke. Many of the mourners there were from different branches of religion and different schools across Jerusalem. The Rabbi warned against violent revenge but grief was mixed with rage. Some mourners chanted �Death to Arabs� and called for an end to the government's peace negotiations. The feeling in Jewish Jerusalem today was that the whole city was targeted. Tension has been building since last week when an Israeli man was killed by a crude Hamas rocket. The Israeli response killed hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza, including civilians. Secretary Rice's visit caused a pause in the fighting, but that pause has ceased. Most shocking was the fact that the shooter was an Arab Israeli. The shooter was a 25 year old who said evening prayers with his family and then drove to the yeshiva and started killing. a neighbor of the family says he was shocked at the news. The Israeli police raided the family home after the massacre and arrested all male family members. This mourning local supporters of Hamas showed up and decorated the house. It's not clear whether he has connections to Hamas. Friends say he had light hair and spoke Hebrew well enough to pass as Jewish. He was from a wealthy family and was due to be married in six months, but also had anger about what was happening in Gaza. Arab Israelis now fear a backlash and worse they fear of glorification of suicide attacks.