(First tell me the seemingly unusual details about how this man was apprehended?) He was boasting about his martial arts skills and was recognized by some of his Chinese neighbors. (this is not some average Chinese guy living in Atlanta. Were his neighbors able to recognize him because of his notoriety?) I suspect it was because of his publication in a Chinese paper and he was most wanted. (Do you know if his neighbors speak America's Most Wanted?) They don't watch much TV but apparently they do watch that program. (Apparently it was a pretty dramatic capture who jumped on top of him and hog tied him and then called the police, and apparently they're probably illegal immigrants.) They're living in an apartment complex that is known to house illegal immigrants, but I'm not sure they're illegal. (Now the common perception here is that new immigrants look out for their own. did you find it surprising that they turned him in?) Yes I was a bit surprised. (What was their motivation?) Well they had been reading about his crimes.

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