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World's first zero carbon city

The Gulf states are known for their large manmade buildings. This is the exhibit for the city at last month's World Future Energy Summit. He says the city will be the first carbon neutral city. The energy will be 100% renewable and there will be no cars. He says the city will be home to about 50,000 people and 1,500 green energy businesses. Anyone who commutes into the city will have to take public transport and to keep the city cool, city architects are creating narrow streets with trees and solar panels will weave among tightly packed buildings. To make it self sufficient, designers have looked to the future. They're planning two wide swaths of trees to cut through the city which will allow cool air from green space on the outskirts to keep the center cool. Solar panels will power buildings' air conditioning and sunlight is plentiful here. Construction began last week and the first building expected to arise is the Institute of Science and Technology, developed in cooperation with MIT. This city planner says the city wants to be Silicon valley of sustainable development. Environmental groups have praised the plan, but note the rest of the capitol has done little to echo such plans. Others point out that the city would be difficult to replicate in other parts of the world. Experts say the city will still be an important precedent.