Human rights groups were among the first to speak out about the death penalty being applied to the as of yet to be tried out military tribunal justice system. Human Rights Watch expert says the masterminds of 9/11 need to be brought to justice but it needs to be done in a fair system. Britain's Foreign Secretary says he has concerns about the military judicial systems but has faith that the US system has the necessary checks and balances to ensure a fair hearing. The UN's Special Rappoteur for Human Rights says he'd like to see the case tried in a normal US court. Others worry about the message the US would be sending if it executes men on the basis of evidence obtained through torture; the CIA revealed KSM was subjected to water boarding. This Al Aribiya official says many in the Arab World are not upset that KSM and his colleagues could face the death penalty or brought to justice. Still he says the legal conditions are seen as controversial. The Human Rights Watch official says when it comes to Guantanamo the US faces problems on matter what. She says the US needs to focus on rebuilding its moral authority and credibility around the world.

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