JS says the screening is a pretty important event: Rambo is showing worldwide and the message will get to the Burmese government. (What is the message you want the Burmese government to know?) The message we want them to know is the overseas Burmese are united and they'll do what they can to oppose the government. (This is how that message is presented in the film) [Film clip]. (When people look into your screening what is their reaction?) We had the feeling that we have to fight back against this government. We've been waiting for years and nothing has happened. The treatment Rambo gives them, they deserve it. People were shouting in the theater while watching, slogans, etc. (Are you hearing anything from your families and friends in Burma?) We hear people are trying to distribute this DVD and they're very popular. What we hear is the military government has banned the movie totally. Whoever has a tape of the video they can be caught and detained and jailed. But people are watching it. I think this will be a very powerful message to the Burmese people.

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