Kenya is home to more than 40 different tribes, and is a very complex issue, especially for Americans. A Kenyan author recently said on this program that Kenya has always been embarrassed about ethnicity. The issue of ethnicity turned deadly after a disputed election in December. Tribal violence spiraled out of town in places like this. That violence spilled onto a website. The creator of the site says the online discussions became filled with tribal hatred. He wanted to create an alternative, so he launched �I have no� Kenyans from all over the world have visited to write in. The website's founder says he wanted to start healthy, intelligent discussion on the new site. That's a much needed message says this woman from Kenya now living in Chicago. She says the next step is to get those messages out to rural areas of Kenya. She says some of Kenya's media might be willing to read messages out on air in an effort to reach those audiences.

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