Finally today, Ross Daly's life defies international boundaries. Daly is a musician who was born in England. He is of Irish descent and he grew up travelling a lot with his family. He finally settled on the Greek island of Crete. And as The World's April Peavey tells us, music has been a key part of Ross Daly's journey. This is the kind of music Ross Daly likes to play these days. Daly plays the Cretan Lyra -- a sort of small, pear-shaped fiddle. He picked up the instrument after settling on the Greek island in the 1970's. Before that, Daly played all kinds of instruments -- and experimented with all kinds of music. His first instrument was the cello. Daly learned how to play it as a kid in the United States. Then -- when he was just 11 years old -- he studied classical guitar in Japan. Then he discovered Afghan and Indian music. Daly says his taste for classical and traditional types of music made him feel a bit odd growing up.

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