Quick recap of the events of the Lebanon War in summer of 2006. Israelis are accustomed to seeing combat but they're not used to losing. Hezbollah used new tactics, launched 4,000 rockets on northern Israel, and embarrassed the Israeli Army that had an invincible reputation. The Winograd report is supposed to highlight what went wrong and much of it has already been leaked to the public. Olmert is expecting heavy criticism but Olmert already announced he won't resign. That infuriates some Israelis. One man says he learned his son's tank squad was ordered to attack in broad daylight, one of many blunders Israel committed. The ground offensive that left that son dead was ordered after diplomatic efforts reached a ceasefire. This has all led to a crisis in confidence says one reserve soldier who fought in the war. One soldier says we'd be happy to fight the next war, but not under Olmert's command. Despite efforts even from Olmert's Foreign Minister that he should resign, Olmert has managed to maintain a majority in his coalition. This analyst says Olmert will weather this storm too. Analyst says nobody's interested in new elections. Still Olmert's critics vow they'll make him pay a political price for the mistakes of the Lebanon War. One man who lost his son expects Olmert to make similar mistakes with the Gaza situation.