It seems like candidates' family members are really important on the campaign trail these days. Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, has played a pretty supportive role. And Hillary's got Bill fighting in her corner, for better or worse. Mostly worse - right now her advisors are figuring out a way to have him chloroformed and thrown into the back of a windowless van. Our favorite is John McCain's 95 year-old mother, Roberta-a true campaign battleaxe. She went after Mitt Romney a few weeks ago saying his success with the Salt Lake Olympics was just cleaning up a mess Mormons made. Ol' Roberta has dished out some straight-talk about her son's opponents, his political party, and even his horrible, horrible potty mouth. So, we've asked this about Bill Clinton, what about Mother McCain - is she helping John's campaign or hurting? Fair Game's Todd Levin helps Faith answer that question.