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Rockets targeting Kabul airport intercepted

Top of The World: US anti-missile defenses intercepted rockets fired at Kabul’s airport on Monday. And, category 4 Hurricane Ida plowed into Louisiana on Sunday, knocking out power and leading to at least one death. Also, the European Union is set to recommend new restrictions on nonessential travel from the US.

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Explosion outside of the Kabul airport

Top of The World: The Pentagon has confirmed an explosion outside of Kabul airport, with an unclear number of casualties. And, operators of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant are planning to build an undersea tunnel to release treated radioactive water into the ocean. Also, a new study suggests that the threat of death and illness from malaria in children could be reduced by 70%.

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G-7 agrees on conditions to recognize and work with the Taliban

G-7 leaders agree on conditions to recognize and work with the Taliban, but fail to persuade President Joe Biden to extend the US troop withdrawal date from Afghanistan. Also, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will meet with President Biden for talks in Washington on Thursday. And Algeria has cut diplomatic ties with Morocco.