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China crackdowns on Hong Kong; Libyans caught between coronavirus and conflict; Ghana uses drones to speed up testing

China is continuing its crackdown of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, announcing on Friday it will prosecute the first foreign national in connection with the movement. In Greek refugee camps, the lack of resources and support has led refugees and migrants to turn to each other for solutions during the pandemic. And in Ghana, drones could help speed up coronavirus testing for rural areas.

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Earth Day during a pandemic; First US COVID-19 cases earlier than thought; Holocaust survivor shares her story

On Earth Day, what lessons for the environment has humanity learned from facing the pandemic? And, the UN warns of a coming famine of "biblical proportions." How is Asia's largest armed group fending off the coronavirus? And in Mexico, a network of Indigenous community radio stations is spreading the word about the pandemic. Finally, Holocaust survivor Giselle Cycowicz shares her story with The World.