Full story - August 18, 2016
Bushra cooks food for her family inside her temporary living quarters at Berlin’s Tempelhof refugee shelter.
Bushra escaped from Iraq, but she and her family had been stuck in a makeshift shelter at Berlin’s former Tempelhof airport. Now pregnant, the mother of five is worried about raising her new baby in an emergency shelter. However, she's gotten some good news.
Full story - August 15, 2016
Anggit Bayu Saputro (left), age 21, and Wadianti, age 19, became parents five years before they'd planned. They feared using contraception and had little access to it as an unmarried couple.
In the villages of Indonesia, teens often have limited access to family planning due to misconceptions about birth control and cultural taboos. Photographer Sonia Narang met women, like 19-year-old Wadianti, who became mothers much younger than they anticipated.
Full story - August 09, 2016
Ukraine women protest Iryna Krashkova rape 2013
According to women’s rights groups, the conflict in east Ukraine has triggered a rise in gender-based violence. In a country where sexual abuse is rarely reported, the Facebook campaign #Iamnotscaredtospeak gives silent victims a voice.
Full story - August 01, 2016
Macedonia's colorful revolution
After a wiretapping scandal triggered demonstrations across Macedonia, two women began throwing paint-filled balloons at government buildings and national monuments. Now Macedonians of all ethnicities are embracing their multicolored method of protest.
Full story - July 25, 2016
Women activists, some dressed in wedding gowns representing child brides forced into marriage, hold placards that read "End violence" to protest rape and domestic violence, in Ankara, Turkey. November, 2011.
Polygamy was outlawed in Turkey 90 years ago, but the practice has been gaining in some areas, fueled by the influx of Syrian refugees. Activists say the government is not doing anything about it.