Full episode - June 27, 2017
Undiscovered Mouses Vinyard
Martha’s Vineyard has a Lyme disease problem. Now a scientist is coming to town with a possible fix: genetically engineered mice.
Full episode - June 20, 2017
Kurt Vonnegut and the Rainmakers, illustration
In the mid 1940s, no one would publish Kurt Vonnegut’s stories. But when he gets hired as a press writer at General Electric, the company’s fantastical science inspires some of his most iconic--and best-selling--novels.
Full episode - June 13, 2017
After a senator calls her research a waste of taxpayer dollars, biologist Sheila Patek heads to Capitol Hill to prove what her science is worth.
Full episode - June 06, 2017
Six Degrees
Are you just six handshakes away from every other person on Earth? Two mathematicians set out to prove we’re all connected.
Full episode - May 30, 2017
When researchers publish a new study on chronic fatigue syndrome, a group of patients cry foul—and decide to investigate for themselves.
Full episode - May 23, 2017
Born this gay
At the turn of the 20th century, a German doctor sets out to prove that homosexuality is rooted in biology—but his research has consequences he never intended.
Full episode - May 15, 2017
Deep in Antarctica, a rookie meteorite hunter helps collect a mystery rock. Could it be a little piece of Mars?
Full episode - May 09, 2017
A team of social scientists stumbles onto a cache of censored Chinese social media posts—and decides to find out what the Chinese government wants wiped from the internet.
Full episode - May 02, 2017
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