The San Francisco-based company has 15 weeks to comply with the ruling.
The refugees are returning to their squalid camps in Myanmar.
As poaching reaches record levels, a group of wildlife conservationists want to bring South African rhinos to the US
The company will undergo massive layoffs and likely get a new name.
Ukraine US military training
Western countries have held back from military involvement in the conflict, but Russia reads a lot into the training efforts by the US, as well as Britain, Canada and Poland.
'There's absolutely no reason why we should have a male only education,' said Werner Jeanrond, master of the college.
In theory, it should be an easy thing to do.
Anyone who breaks the law three times will also be named and shamed on a government website.
One FIFA executive indicated he would not fight extradition, paving the way for Swiss officials to hand him over to US authorities immediately.
The president also said more progress was needed to stem the flow of foreign fighters into Syria and Iraq.