A UN-sponsored report claims the international community has failed to provide even the most basic support to Darfur.
Health officials in Uganda would like to promote male circumcision as part of a campaign to reduce HIV/AIDS, but Uganda's president doesn't support the idea.
China's response to a new report by Amnesty International that concludes that its human rights situation has gotten worse.
The Bush Administration wants Pakistan to do more to crack down on Taliban and al Qaeda forces staging cross-border attacks in Afghanistan.
Omar al Bashir has been touring Darfur to rally support against an international arrest warrant for crimes against humanity and genocide.
'The Fly' has new life as an opera in Paris, with Placido Domingo conducting the orchestra, and David Cronenburg directing.
Before the Olympics even begin there are concerns that Olympic anti-doping monitors won't be able to detect the blood-boosting drug EPO.
Advertising agencies enlisted to promote hand-washing in effort to reduce infant mortality around the world.
South Carolina didn't like being promoted as a destination for gay tourists in a recent London ad campaign.
Rushdie's new book, "The Enchantress of Florence," is a feast of storytelling, alternately set in 16th-century Italy and India.