Trump announced the plan, billed as the "deal of the century," in Washington, DC, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday. But missing from the announcement were Palestinians — who preemptively rejected the proposal, citing pro-Israel bias. One Palestinian activist speaking prior to the plan's unveiling called it a "scam."

A profile of General James Jones, and the message the Obama Administration is sending with his appointment.
A South African design team has come up with a plan for building affordable housing -- using sandbags.
The U.S. Secretary of State tries to diffuse tensions between India and Pakistan resulting from the Mumbai attacks.
More than a half a billion people in Sub-Saharan Africa don't have access to electricity, but a non-profit organization is offering its wind-up technology to turn on the lights.
Indian investigators say the Mumbai attackers had months of training by an Islamist group based in Pakistan.
Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates selection as national security team says a lot about how Obama administration plans to project America's image abroad.
The challenge of delivering AIDS drugs in Africa -- the journey of a bottle of pills from an Indian factory to a patient in Ivory Coast.
China's economy is growing faster than any other major economy in the world; but for many Chinese, that's no longer enough.
It's still not clear who was behind the attacks in Mumbai, but some in India are quick to blame Pakistan.
The Dutch have liberal drug laws, but some local officials are fed up with foreigners who invade their towns looking for drugs.