When HBO decided to turn George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones into a TV series, they realized they needed to turn the Dothraki language written about in the book into an actual, spoken language. They turned to a California professor, David J. Peterson, who specialized in making up languages.
In a plan to expand job opportunities for women, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is proposing a women-only industrial zone in one of its new industrial cities near Hofuf.
Australia has thousands of refugees clamoring for asylum every year. In a bid to get a handle on the problem, the country has decided to setup refugee processing centers on small, Pacific islands where the refugees will remain until a decision is made on their status.
Along the Atacama Desert, the Chinchorro people chosen to mummify their people, rather than simply bury them. Scientists have for years wondered why. A new study suggests it's all because of climate change.
Though Mitt Romney has a sizable advantage among veteran voters, some researchers say the military is often viewed as more conservative than it truly is. Recent studies show the armed forces might be less partisan, and less politically active in general, than popularly believed.
Since Chinese immigrants first started coming to the United States in the mid 1800s, many have congregated, at least initially, in Chinatowns. But as immigration slows, and China's economy roars, that flow of immigrants is drying up. And that's meant Chinatowns across the country are facing changes.
Aurora, Colo., is one of the most diverse cities in that state. It has a vibrant community of refugees, many of whom don't speak English. Recently, a refugee group pulled together an event to try and help people cross the language barrier and get the facts about the violent movie theater shooting there.
In 2011, California lawmakers passed a law banning the controversial shark fin trade. Though the law doesn't go into effect until January, it's already sparked discontent among chefs and seafood distributors in San Francisco's Chinatown, where shark fin soup remains a popular delicacy.
For years, immigration law has sent undocumented immigrants who marry U.S. citizens back to their home countries to obtain visas. Charlie Garcia, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador did just that. Tragically, he was killed there, waiting for his paperwork to come through.
In Greece, the Orthodox Church is tied financially to the state. The state pays some priests and exempts the church and its activities from any taxes. But with tight economic times, some politicians are calling for the relationship to be adjusted.