South Korea's army is much smaller than that of the North's, though it's vastly more advanced and backed by the United States. The country's soldiers are concerned that with such a young leader in Kim Jong-un, North Korea could do something that leads to an attack.
Turkey's Vakifli Koyu is the only place in Turkey with a population that is only Armenian. The population is dwindling, but tourism and innovative agriculture have the residents hoping they can hang on just a little bit longer.
Kim Il-sung was a revered figure in North Korea through his death and even today. His son, on the other hand, Kim Jong-il was less loved, despite the enormous outpouring of grief seen recently. Many defectors say the country seems to be trying to link the young successor with his popular grandfather.
Newton, Iowa, used to be the washing machine capital of the world. Then Maytag shut its doors and now the community is trying to figure out how it will revive its economy and add jobs.
As the Syrian government continues its siege of its own communities, more Syrian soldiers are choosing to desert the Army and head for the only place they feel safe: in Lebanon. From there, some are joining the Free Syrian Army, a shadowy group that tries to protect Syrian protesters.
Famine has swept through much of Ethiopia in the past year, but a new project will see a Saudi Arabian country convert one of the most fertile areas to produce rice for export. The idea is it's better to have people employed and making money.
As Indonesia recovers from the devastating 2004 earthquake and tsunami, many tourists are coming to the country because of the disaster. They want to see the recovery and especially the iconic location photographed after the tsunami.
Pakistan's Imran Khan has been trying to push his sports stardom into political power for more than a decade, with little success. Recently, however, he seemed to make some headway among the urban, educated population.
In Cyprus, there's a tradition of hunting and killing millions of migratory birds. The poaching had dwindled recently but as focus has drifted off the problem, has surged back.
In India, the guru has long been a spiritual leader. Now, however, times are changing and they're assuming a more political or psychological role. Yet, some in India remain uneasy.