"The World's" award-winning series examines the brutality of sexual violence in Congo and the medical, humanitarian, legal, and political response to it.
Bankers, IT professionals, businessmen trade their careers for farming, bringing new blood to Japan's ailing farming industry.
Playwright Lynn Nottage has won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for her play about the rape of two women in war-torn the Democratic Republic of Congo.
A solar-powered oven made out of cardboard and tinfoil could help combat climate change by offering an alternative for people who rely on firewood to cook their food.
Pakistan's limited water supply is making many millions sick from water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, hepatitis and typhoid.
The latest in the world of robotics -- from domestic helpers to those that fight in wars, expect robots to play a bigger role in our lives.
Blackburn, in West Lothian, Scotland is the hometown of Susan Boyle, the singing sensation who wowed judges on the British TV show "Britain's Got Talent."
A group of architects have joined forces to design buildings that use no fossil fuels by the year 2030.
A pair of Pakistani professors sings songs of protest -- the music is new, but the lyrics are based on the words of iconic poets from the past.
A new tool available called FrontlineForms could help collect health, agricultural, and human rights data via a mobile phone network in many parts of the world.