The deadly rape in India late last year has increased awareness among immigrants in the United States about the dangers of domestic and sexual violence, activists say. But especially with immigrants, there are a number of barriers for women who choose to speak out.
Author Don Hagist wanted to paint a picture of what British soldiers were really like during the American Revolution. Were they, as Hollywood depicts, violent spiteful automatrons? Or were they something else, more human, entirely?
Spain has long been disconnected from the high-speed rail network that crisscrosses Europe. But no longer. A new line connected Madrid, Barcelona and Paris opened last week.
British punk rocker Joe Strummer made Granada, Spain, a regular stop on his travels and with his band, The Clash. Since inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Granada officials are considering naming a square after the musician.
Hispanics played a major role in deciding November's presidential election. And now, as President Barack Obama prepares to start his second term with an eye on immigration reform, many Hispanic activists are hoping to take that new power and put it to work.
Smugglers are getting bolder, using bigger boats to travel farther up the California coast to deliver people and drugs to the United States. And they're also becoming more violent, which has put people who work along the coast ill at ease.
An oral history project at the University of California, Irvine, seeks to help Vietnamese American students connect with their elders and, along the way, document the stories of life for Vietnamese immigrants to the United States, before and after their trip.
India and Pakistan have long jostled for control of the Kashmir region along the border of their two countries. That jostling has also led to religious violence, which drove many Hindus out of Kashmir. But now India is encouraging them to come back.
Gambling is illegal in Japan, much to the consternation of American casino companies. Gaming, however, isn't. Enter pachinko. Determined to be a game, people spend a great deal of money in the hopes of winning rewards.
Arabs make up about 20 percent of Israeli citizens, a block about equal in size to the Hispanic population in the United States. But while Hispanics in the United States made a big difference in the past election, Arabs in Israel have little impact on Israeli elections.