Barbie has a new home in Berlin — and it's literally life-sized. But the protests have been out-sized as well. The Barbie Berlin Dreamhouse opened on Thursday, but protests have already been intensifying. On one recent day, protesters strapped a Barbie doll to a cross and set the cross on fire. Protesters say Barbie sends the wrong message.
There's been relative peace and quiet between Israel and Syria for years. Sure, Israel would occasionally strike out at what it saw as Syria threatening its security, but things have mostly remained quiet. But, recently, as Syria's civil wars devolves into mayhem, the peace had been punctured with threats and missile strikes.
Many domestic workers get stuck in jobs that pay them low wages, subject them to long hours and sometimes even expose them to physical abuse. And because many are undocumented, they don't, or can't, speak up. But some states are trying to change that.
Katerina Tarnovska ia trying to build on the legend of the Amazon — the mythical women warriors who cut off their left breasts so they could fire their bows and arrows better and who fought along side Alexander the Great. Tarnovska, who is a preschool teacher by day, has organized a series of camps to help Ukranian women learn Asgarda.
Immigrants are often said to do the work Americans don't want to do. In the case of domestic workers, people who clean houses and care for the sick or elderly, that's certainly true, with most of those roles filled by immigrants. Now, with the process of a path to legalization, many domestic workers are looking for better conditions.
The meat that Americans eat for dinner is usually processed, in large plants in the Midwest, by an immigrant. When one immigrant leaves the plants, for a better life, hopefully, another immigrant often steps in. Immigration reform has the potential to dramatically alter that dynamic.
South Africa's COSAT school is widely regarded for the success it's had moving its students out of poverty. But it's not immune to some of the other problems of South Africa. As students walk to school each day, they run the risks of being abused, physically, by thugs.
It happened in a blink. A tour guide was in the water, another guide went in after him and then the second man wound up in the mouth of a hippo. It happened some 17 years ago, but the memories are still fresh for Paul Templer.
Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled the country in the more than two years that its civil war has raged -- some 100,000 of them having found a home in Egypt. They've been successful, and welcomed, but they are conflicted over their success, while others at home still suffer.
Some 11 million people have come to the United States, or stayed here, illegally, according to researchers, the number may actually under-represent the number of people who are affected. In many cases, U.S. citizen children are also disadvantaged by their undocumented parents.