The new coronavirus outbreak centering in China, has led to the spread of a deluge of information, both reliable and unreliable. The WHO calls it an "infodemic." What do we know and don't know about COVID-19? The World’s Elana Gordon hosted a Facebook Live on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 with Dr. Michael Mina of Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

No one has given the Neanderthals much credit for being intelligent and creative. In fact, they've always been thought of as humans' younger, dumber cousins. But new evidence suggests they may have been more creative than once thought.
Radio Jarocho is giving a distinctly New York style to the son jarocho style of music that has emerged from the Mexican state of Veracruz. While the original son jarocho music is more emotional, emphasizing birds and rivers and flowers, the New York style takes those ideas and puts a big city spin on things.
In just three years time, Toronto will play host to the Pan Am Games -- a sort of mini Olympics. Putting the thing on will cost more than C$1 billion in new facilities and infrastructure, but it's only projected to bring in a few hundred million in revenue. Proponents say the facilities will get a life-time of use. Critics say these specific facilities won't.
Israel's home to some 60,000 African migrants, most of whom fled violence and persecution in their home countries. But as tensions rise in Israel between the country's Jewish citizens and the migrants, Israel's government is being pressured to act. But many of those facing deportation have few options, even if they wanted to leave.
When Shanghai was preparing to host the Expo in 2010, a number of apartment buildings were cleared to make way for new facilities. But at least some of those who lost their jobs didn't receive compensation, they say, nor were they relocated to new homes. They're pushing back and demanding answers.
Spain's banks got a badly needed injection of recapitalization over the weekend when a trio of international lenders agreed to loan them funds to get on firmer footing. But while Spain insists this isn't a Greece-style bailout, the lenders are already moving to monitor how and on what Spain is spending their money.
Lebanon has become home to thousands of Syrian refugees, trying to flee the ongoing violence in the Middle Eastern country. Now, at least in one area of Lebanon, tensions are breaking into the open, with Syrians and Lebanese kidnapping one another over the weekend.
New research out of the Philippines reveals that men who have children at an older age pass along longer telomeres -- special protectors on human chromosomes -- which are believed to lead to longer, healthier lives. And those longer telomeres survive across generations.
Detroit's struggled in the latest economic downturn, first with the collapse of the American auto industry and then with budget crises and other struggles that have laid the city low. But, for some reason, perhaps its European roots, many foreigners are coming to the city to watch it return to life.
Maggi seasoning is popular among American immigrants of all kinds of nationalities -- and they all think of it as coming from home. But, in reality, few American immigrants are from the actual home of Maggi seasoning. But, for some reason, it still reminds each of them of where they've come from.