Getting a barrel of oil out of the ground takes energy. Years ago, you could get 100 barrels of oil out of the ground with just one barrel of oil spent. Now, it's more like 20 to one, or even five to one. That compares favorably with renewable energy sources -- but it all depends on how things are counted.
A United Nations group set out to clean up a Port-au-Prince neighborhood by converting trash to cooking fuel. It was a project with many goals, that ultimately wasn't sustainable financially. It seems many programs in Haiti suffer under their own weight.
U.S. presidents often talk of their hope to find peace in the Middle East and they practically always talk about their support for Israel's security. But on the ground there, expectations are much lower. And perhaps with good reason.
Imagine getting your yogurt from a little ball with an edible skin. Or your ice cream. How about your soda coming from a vending machine not in a recyclable can, but rather with a peel you can bite right into. It's closer to reality than you might think.
The general cemetery in Santiago, Chile, is a place where families come together. In life, and in death, sports teams, families and all manner of people choose to live the after-life together. The living regularly tend their graves and visit their departed family members.
Mali is in the throes of an uprising between the country's Islamic fundamentalists and its nomadic, indigenous Tuareg people. The Islamists are on top and have banned all "non-devotional" music. And that's totally upended what was once a vibrant music scene.
President Barack Obama generated positive feelings with much of the Latino community this summer when he announced a deferred deportation program for young, undocumented immigrants. But as the program is implemented, there's a hole. Those same youths are still ineligible for healthcare coverage under the Healthcare Reform Act.
As New Yorkers clean up from Hurricane Sandy, they're also considering what they might do to stop such a storm surge in the future. It's a common problem facing leaders of cities the world over.
Brazil was ruled by an abusive military dictatorship decades ago, like many other South American countries. But alone among its neighbors, Brazil has resisted efforts to confront and deal with that past. A new Truth Commission has been established to investigate, but no concrete actions are expected.
At least one person died and another person is missing, though 14 people have survived, when the HMS Bounty, a replica of the famed 18th century ship, sunk on Monday. It was a casualty of the rough seas and high winds from Hurricane Sandy.