A new study from the University of Leeds in England finds links between excessive internet use and depression.
Frank Sinatra's “My Way” deadly to sing in Philippine karaoke bars as altercations over the song have resulted in several deaths.
As NATO warns civilians of plans for a big offensive in southern Afghanistan, Taliban fighters dig in for a fight.
The Euro is weak as Greece, Spain and Portugal struggle to revive their economies -- how this impacts the US.
A group of indigenous leaders from the Amazon in Ecuador’s capital Quito, see the film "Avatar" on the big screen in 3D.
Former British PM Tony Blair denies striking "covert" deal to invade Iraq and says he has no regrets about decisions.
Karzai advisor, Omar Zakhilwal, lays out conditions for reintegration of Taliban and outlook for Afghan security.
Advocacy groups call for lenders to forgive Haiti's $1 billion dollar debt as it struggles to recover from this month's devastating earthquake.
Broadway has brought figures like Jesus and Thomas Jefferson to the stage; Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti is the latest.
There's a worldwide shortage of organs for transplants, and some countries are offering controversial incentives to increase donations.