Full episode - November 06, 2018
A line of people wraps around a brick building. Most people stand in line, looking at cell phones.
The global spotlight is on the US midterm elections today and that includes international observers monitoring the voting process in the state of Georgia. Also, US sanctions are expected to hit the Iranian economy hard. One side effect? More expensive Persian rugs here in the US. Plus, the popular Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee is opening a store in Manhattan and hoping to appeal to non-Filipino customers.
Full story - November 05, 2018
bitcoin logo on pillow
A new analysis finds bitcoin mining uses more energy, dollar for dollar, than gold mining.
Full story - November 05, 2018
Several people including a man wearing a purple suit, look on at the stone monument for Martin Luther King, Jr.
With midterm elections underway, there’s an international spotlight on a few key races that seem to exemplify divisions between Americans, and across the world. One of those races is for governor of Georgia. There’s a lot the world can learn from the city where Martin Luther King Jr. was born.
Full story - November 05, 2018
After centuries on the margins, the Indigenous Sámi of the Arctic regions of Scandinavia are starting to reassert their cultural identity. And they say the world can't solve the climate crisis without perspectives like theirs.
Full episode - November 05, 2018
People walk by the MLK historical site in downtown Atlanta.
Immigration and voter suppression concerns have both been big factors in Georgia's hotly contested governor's race. Also, the indigenous Sámi of Arctic Scandinavia say the world can't solve the climate crisis without perspectives like theirs. Plus we hear from another first-time voter, a woman from South Africa, who tells us how her parents taught her the importance of casting her ballot.
Full story - November 02, 2018
a white billboard with the words "VOTE" on it
The midterm elections are just four days away. We hear from a variety of listeners who are new US citizens and who will be voting for the first time during these midterm elections.
Full episode - November 02, 2018
Terrell Elk is shown with a Lakers baseball hat on, handing his absentee ballot to the Sioux County Auditor's office, Oct. 26, 2018.
We asked new US citizens to tell us how it feels to be first-time voters this election cycle. We got some passionate responses. Also, voters in a handful of states may be thinking about the future of the planet when they cast their ballots next week, because of ballot initiatives that focus on energy, and by extension climate change. Plus, the Zanzibar roots of Queen's late lead singer Freddie Mercury.
Full story - November 01, 2018
Daniel Alemán wears a black shirt in a room with two paintings on the wall and a blurry bouquet of flowers.
Innocent youth are getting swept up in El Salvador's crackdown in their war on gangs. Daniel Alemán, 23, walked free after spending over a year behind bars on trumped-up extortion charges in El Salvador. Others are not so lucky.
Full story - November 01, 2018
Students attend a class at the teacher's house, who turned it into a makeshift free school that hosts 700 students, in Taiz, Yemen October 18, 2018.
US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has set a countdown to peace talks in Yemen. But Yemen watchers say negotiations, if they happen, will only begin to address the problems brought on by war.
Full story - November 01, 2018
Woman sits on sofa, smiles for camera
Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar is poised to become the first Somali American woman to hold national office.