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A large group of protesters are shown in a smoke-filled street wearing dark clothes and face masks and carrying a banner.
President Emmanuel Macron's promise to reform France's pension system triggered massive protests and strikes around the country Thursday. And, a nationwide measles outbreak has closed businesses and schools in Samoa. Also, the European Union has declared "balsamic" a general term, striking down attempt by vinegar makers in Modena, Italy, to have the label exclusively for themselves.
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A man raises his left arm in protest.
This week, a delegation of Indigenous youth have delivered a collective message to United Nations leadership: Take meaningful action on climate change.
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Jenny Stupka
A five-year rent freeze in Berlin, Germany, has been challenged as unconstitutional.
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Nancy Pelosi in a white jacket stands at a podium in front of American flags.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives will proceed with articles of impeachment against US President Donald Trump. The Judiciary panel could vote as early as next Thursday to recommend impeachment charges to the full House.
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This composite shows Uighur activist Ferkat Jawdat in front of the White House in Washington, March 28, 2019. His mother Minaiwaier Tuersun is pictured on the right shortly before she was detained in Xinjiang, China, in early 2018.
One Uighur American activist says a House bill focused on human rights will bring hope to people like his mother, who was detained in China for 15 months.
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A protester stands with a sign reading "NHS NOT FOR SALE"
Public anxiety is growing over the United Kingdom's National Health Service — a national institution that guarantees tax-funded medical care to anyone in the UK. But parts of the NHS have begun to erode in the last decade — and there are concerns about US involvement in the system.
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US Capitol police officers are shown in shadow standing in front of a brightly lit TV monitor displaying several sentences of text related to US President Donald Trump's alleged impeachable offenses.
Four constitutional scholars testified Wednesday at the House Judiciary Committee and tried to tackle how to define impeachable behavior as part of the next phase of the impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump. Also, the summit of NATO leaders wrapped up in the United Kingdom with a joint statement and photo op — but the show of unity masks tensions. Also, Native American children in Canada and Alaska have declared a climate emergency. They're headed to the climate summit in Madrid to make their voices heard.
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A person with white face paint and red robes stands near man in black uniform
Delegates from around the world are gathering in Madrid this week for the COP25 international climate negotiations at a crucial moment in the effort to combat climate change.
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A woman stands next to a monument to a border guard with a dog, with buildings of Chinese border city Heihe seen in the background across the Amur River, in Blagoveshchensk, in Amur region, Russia, on December 1, 2019.
The project reflects Moscow’s attempts to pivot to the East to try to mitigate pain from Western financial sanctions imposed over its 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea.
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Doctors operate under a dim light in a clinic.
The “superbug” bacteria often strike at much higher rates in the Middle East, according to Doctors Without Borders. The bacteria attack invisibly and without warning in the mangled limbs, bullet holes and other wounds of civilians and fighters in war zones.