After Somali pirates captured two people, a Somali refugee from London stepped up and helped negotiate their release.
Insights into cyber-war's newest weapon.
A new organization, "HarassMap," will combat sexual harassment in Egypt by enabling women to instantly report attacks.
The troubled country of Yemen is playing host to the Gulf Cup of Nations, an international soccer tournament that has some people worried.
A restaurant in India serves free food to the poor, but manages to eke out a small profit, too.
An Italian court has annulled a woman's marriage and denied her spousal support after she told friends that she didn't have a problem with open marriage.
Chinese exports are finding new and lucrative markets around the world, and Chinese car companies have started getting in on the action.
The British Standards Institution commented on new international guidelines to ensure companies act in sustainable and socially responsible ways.
A group accused of involvement in ongoing political violence and the drug trade in Pakistan has started clinics, schools and services for the poor in its community.
More and more Americans are looking to India for employment opportunities, as the US job market continues to struggle.