Venezuela has a shortage of affordable homes so acute that squatters have moved into half-built high rises in Caracas.
The former assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security reflects on 9/11 and how the U.S. has borne the tragedy.
A Dutch TV game show is giving rejected asylum seekers the chance to win nearly $6,000 to start a new life after they are deported.
Dozens of engineers and enthusiasts are trying to figure out how to build a mile-high mountain in a very flat, low country: the Netherlands.
Haiti's art is in peril after the earthquake ravaged churches and other homes of Haiti's cultural heritage -- saving that art could help with the country's recovery.
Wives of deported immigrants detail their daily struggles with each other online – from enduring long separations to dealing with complicated legal processes.
The Galapagos Islands gave Darwin evidence to support his theory of evolution, but today, a growing number of people who call it home don't believe in evolution.
A group of monks from remote Cambodia are protecting their local forests and fighting climate change with Buddhism, not science, as the inspiration.
The big worry once fighting in Libya is over: locating all the weapons looted from Libyan army depots over the last six months.
Instead of avoiding taxes during tough economic times, France's super rich have signed a petition asking the government to raise their taxes.