The new coronavirus outbreak centering in China, has led to the spread of a deluge of information, both reliable and unreliable. The WHO calls it an "infodemic." What do we know and don't know about COVID-19? The World’s Elana Gordon hosted a Facebook Live on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 with Dr. Michael Mina of Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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Iranian women wear protective masks to prevent contracting coronavirus as they walk in the street in Tehran, Iran, Feb. 25, 2020.
Iran’s death toll from the coronavirus increased to 16 on Tuesday — more than in any other country outside of China.
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Dead snakes are preserved in jars at a snake farm in Zisiqiao village, Zhejiang province, China, on Feb. 22, 2013.
The new regulation expands on existing rules that ban the trade of rare and endangered species. All terrestrial exotic animals, both bred in captivity and caught in the wild, are now prohibited.
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Adela Diaz, who will be a first-time voter in 2020, poses on her campus at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
As the 2020 presidential campaign unfolds, Adela Diaz is keeping her eye on one main issue: health care. The public health major at the University of Arizona will soon be a first-time voter. And this year, Latino voters like Diaz are projected to be the biggest minority voting bloc in the country.
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Women are shown through reflecting glass with one wearing a face mask and a hooded jacket.
Iran's coronavirus death toll rose to 16 on Tuesday, the highest outside of China, and real extent infections could be much higher — increasing the country's international isolation as health authorities move to accelerated emergency measures to curb the epidemic's global spread. And, it was a brief state visit, but on his way out of India, President Donld Trump said he asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi about religious freedom. Also, researchers at Georgia Tech have devised a mathematical model for making the perfect fried rice.  
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A man is shown laying next to a large turtle shell the size of a midsize car.
From The World and PRX, this is The Number in the News. Today’s number: 10. While evidence of giant turtles first emerged in Venezuela in 1976, new research uncovers the first full-sized, 10-foot-long shell that once belonged to what's believed to be the largest turtles in history. A team of researchers from Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia spent six years searching, gathering, processing and researching the giant shells. The giant turtles would have dwarfed humans and were the size and weight of a modern-day, midsize car. In this week’s special feature of The Number in the News, lead researcher and associate professor Edwin Cadena shares what the turtles were like when they lived 7-13 million years ago as well as what caused them to go extinct. The Number in the News is a daily flash briefing for your smart speaker that we’re featuring as a special here in The World’s podcast feed. Listen to The Number in the News every morning to hear a shareable story in just two minutes. It’s one number you won’t forget, plus why it’s in the news today. Click here to add The Number in the News to your smart speaker News Briefing on an Amazon or Google smart speaker. Produced by The World’s Bianca Hillier.
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The Dome of the Rock is shown in the distance in a wide framed photograph of Jerusalem's Old City.
Rising across Jerusalem to the edges of the Old City, a new cable car plan intended to tackle congestion would pass over the Palestinian territories, sparking controversy.
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Several people are shown standing at the counter of a hotel resort with the words, "Check out" on a sign behind the counter.
A hotel on Spain’s resort island of Tenerife was put on lockdown after a visiting doctor from Italy tested positive for the novel coronavirus. And, longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, ousted during the 2011 Arab Spring protests, died today at age 91. Also, happy Fat Tuesday (or Pączki Day for some)! We head to a “dream factory” in Rio as the city celebrates Carnival.
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At a huge rally at a cricket stadium in Ahmedabad dubbed, “Namaste Trump,” the US president announced a $3 billion defense deal and praised India as an inspiring economic giant.
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A man is shown in soft focus wearing a face mask and standing outside the San Siro stadium with a sign that reads, "No Match Today."
The coronavirus continues to spread, eroding a sense of safety that comes with distance from China. Europe is confronting its first major eruption of cases in Italy. And, despite a growing chorus of troubling reports of human rights abuses in the disputed region of Kashmir, US President Donald Trump praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday during a visit to India.  Also, in the middle of an NHL hockey game, a Zamboni driver was called to save the day in what became a Cinderella-on-ice story.
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Military officers in full fatigues are shown wearing face masks and standing outside Duomo cathedral.
The novel coronavirus continues to spread as four countries in the Middle East announced their first cases and Italy is issuing lockdowns. US President Donald Trump is in India, where he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are touting their close relationship. And in Chile, women are calling for political change with a traditional form of protest — embroidery.