Perspectives from Ohio, from Vietnam and from a former advisor to Barack Obama; and names in politics.
'The World' reports on the tens of thousands of North Koreans who have fled their native country in recent years.
An audio slideshow about undocumented immigrants entering Mexico from Central America.
The Taliban threatens mobile masts, Library of Congress does Flickr, blogging WWI, and more
A new report on the state of the world's oceans, exchanging produce online, LA's speedcabling championship and more.
An audio slideshow about the military and booking entertainment for the troops.
A web-based initiative to stop tribal violence in Kenya, AfriGadget, FARC and Facebook, and paper planes in space.
An audio slideshow of the events in Gaza, where a blockade has crippled the local economy.
Bloggers monitor turmoil in Kenya, a sprinter banned from the Bejing Olympics, and the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.
His guitar style brings in a life-long affair with flamenco and a few other latin idioms.