Full story - May 27, 2020
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during the opening ceremony of Iran's 11th parliament in Tehran, Iran, May 27, 2020.
Facing an outbreak of the coronavirus, Iran has been sending signals that it's willing to release foreigners in detention. But the wife of an imprisoned British Iranian says a window of opportunity for Western nations to reach a deal with Iran on a prisoner swap "seems to have been wasted completely."
Full episode - May 27, 2020
A man wears a blue jacket and a protective face mask while speaking on a mobile phone in front of a green and red stocks sign.
Governments everywhere are trying to figure out how to put together a recovery plan to get past the economic blow from the coronavirus pandemic. The European Union on Wednesday moved forward on its plan. And, US officials signaled that they’re preparing to remove Hong Kong’s special trade status, declaring that it is no longer autonomous from China. Also, the world is living through stressful times and putting on a soothing song at the end of a long day can provide some relief. This is where acclaimed Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami stepped in and took to Tokyo radio waves to host a special show called "Music for a Brighter Tomorrow."
Full story - May 27, 2020
Britain's Prince William and Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, tour in a canoe during a visit to Haida Gwaii in Skidegate, British Columbia, Canada, Sept. 30, 2016.
The Haida are one of many Indigenous groups across the world trying to stay closed as surrounding areas reopen following restrictions to contain the spread of the coronavirus. 
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A man in fatigues and a face mask holds a phone with an app to the camera
Countries around the world are developing contact-tracing apps to limit the spread of COVID-19. Part of that effort is balancing privacy with data collection. MIT is tracking how some of those worldwide apps compare.
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A seaside image of boats in Mallorca in black and white
With time on their hands under quarantine, Spanish film researchers from the national film archive, Filmoteca Española, came across a film that had been ignored for decades. “Mallorca," likely made between 1932 and 1934, by María Forteza, appears to be the first talking film directed by a woman in Spain.
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Two NASA astronauts in spacesuits in front of a rocket launch pad
Two American astronauts are set to make history on a SpaceX rocket launching from the Kennedy Space Center today. The European Union and Japan have unveiled huge stimulus packages to help economies rebound in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Also, Twitter slaps a fact-check label on US President Donald Trump's tweets for the first time. In China, officials are urging a change to a long-standing chopstick tradition. And, bilingual comedians are working to reach their audiences through the pandemic.
Full story - May 26, 2020
People wait outside Lima's central market as Peru extended a nationwide lockdown amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), May 8, 2020.
Bank of America projects that the region’s economy will shrink by almost 7% this year.
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A researcher's hands are shown working with a medical tool with a red liquid inside and through a piece of glass.
The race is on to create a vaccine to protect people from the coronavirus. It’s a global emergency which means nearly the entire globe’s population of more than 7 billion needs a vaccine. That could mean lots of money for the company that creates it — or maybe not. And, for the past few weeks, the world has been getting a rare glimpse into a heated feud between Bashar al-Assad and his billionaire maternal cousin Rami Makhlouf. Also, Joanna Hausmann and Joe Wong are two immigrant comedians trying to figure out what’s funny, or not, in a US lockdown.
Full story - May 26, 2020
Jacob Cuenca, 18, is a registered Republican with misgivings about voting for US President Donald Trump in November.
Jacob Cuenca, an 18-year-old registered Republican, planned to cast his first-ever vote for President Donald Trump in this November's election. But the president's missteps during the coronavirus pandemic are driving Cuenca to consider former Vice President Joe Biden instead.
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A scientist is seen in the Themis Bioscience laboratory in Vienna, Austria, in this undated handout photo.
The world will need billions of doses of a vaccine to eradicate the novel coronavirus pandemic, and that means public and private sector partners will have to find new models of partnership to meet the challenge, Mark Feinberg, CEO of research nonprofit IAVI tells The World's Marco Werman.