Bands in Israel have a long road ahead of them if they hope to become a global hit. To start off with, just getting heard overseas requires spending a ton of money to get there. And even if they can accomplish that, there are the politics of being from Israel to contend with. And, of course, what language do they sing in?
In 2009, Mohammad El Kurd's Palestinian family was kicked out of their home in East Jerusalem, so Jewish settlers could move in. The entire episode was controversial, with protests on all sides. And now it's been made into a documentary.
Public and private funding for the arts in Europe are drying up as the economic crisis their continues. In Portugal, artists remain in survival mode and are testing new ways to find funds. Some have turned to crowdfunding through a website inspired by U.S.-based Kickstarter.
With more than 2.4 million tickets sold, the London Paralympics are likely to be the biggest games since Great Britain hosted the first ones 64 years ago. Fifteen nations are making their debut this year, including an unlikely appearance from North Korea.
You've probably not heard of Jovanotti -- but that may change soon. The Italian hip-hop musician has been popular in his home country for years, but not he's bringing his music to the U.S. and hopes to reach a whole new audience.
In the battle between Iran and the United States, the latest casualties are the video gamers of Tehran. Big users of World of Warcraft, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, in Iran can no longer access the game, because the game's creator, Blizzard Entertainment, blocked them to comply with U.S. sanctions.
Under the Voting Rights Act, any legal jurisdiction with at least 5 percent of its population speaking something other than English as a foreign language must provide ballots and voting support in that language, as well as English. But, whether intentionally or inadvertently, many jurisdictions are ignoring that requirement.
Colombia's drug-fueled guerrilla war has gone on for nearly half a century. The last round of peace talks fell apart 10 years ago. But now the Colombian government seems willing to try again. Officials are hopeful that negotiations could bring an end to the deadly attacks and brutal kidnappings that have long plagued their country.
Spain has seen tens of thousands of acres of forests burned by fires this summer -- a problem made worse by the lack of rain and budget cuts that have cut into the resources the country can afford to put toward fire prevention and suppression.
The drug war in Mexico has turned local journalism there into a potentially deadly career choice. Powerful cartels often threaten or kill hometown journalists who dare to report on the latest violence. But an innovative system for getting information out quickly -- and safely -- has recently emerged.