Full story - November 29, 2019
TikTok blamed the removal of the video on a “human moderation error.” But the ordeal has reignited concerns that the Chinese-owned, short video app is censoring US-generated content to appease Beijing.
Full story - November 29, 2019
The Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, isn’t just keen to see members of the Trump administration squirm. The impeachment drama presents a golden opportunity to portray the United States as a nation tearing itself apart — while China, so the narrative goes, is a bastion of harmony and stability. But what might the Chinese politburo say about Trump’s impeachment inquiry behind closed doors?
Full episode - November 28, 2019
Hong Kong protest
President Donald Trump signed a plan to authorize sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials responsible for human rights abuses in Hong Kong. This move signals support for pro-democracy activists, but it could make for some tricky negotiations with Beijing. Also, new pressures are being put on America’s inland hydro highway — the Mississippi River — which helps deliver US goods and commodities to the world and allows trade flows to return. With record precipitation earlier this year, the strain on the river system was severe, a strain that's only becoming more acute, and normal, with the impacts of climate change.
Full story - November 28, 2019
Man and woman wearing crown stand on balcony with blue, white and red flag in front of them
Eliza Reid, the first lady of Iceland, is challenging traditional ideas and assumptions about the role.
Full episode - November 27, 2019
Travelers wait in the boarding area for trains during the Thanksgiving holiday travel rush at Pennsylvania Station in New York, US, on Nov. 27, 2019.
On this Thanksgiving eve, we'll hear from veterans remembering some Thanksgiving moments while deployed. Hear about having dinner at Saddam Hussein's former palace and procuring live turkeys with the help of Peshmerga guards. Plus, how China's Communist Party perceives the impeachment proceedings in Washington. Also, Germany's far-right party, Alternative for Germany, is targeting the country's theaters, art and cultural institutions.
Full story - November 27, 2019
Miguel Henrique Otero, editor and president of El Nacional, one of Venezuela's main national newspapers, walks past paper rolls at the newspaper's building in Caracas on April 11, 2014. Since 2015 he has lived in self-imposed exile in Madrid, Spain.
More than four million Venezuelans have fled their country’s economic and political crisis in the last five years, most to neighboring nations such as Colombia. But some, including newspaper editor Miguel Henrique Otero, have regrouped in the country’s former colonial power across the Atlantic.
Full story - November 27, 2019
A mural of a white bird, chain and rose painted on the Berlin wall and a person walking by it
With the recent success of the Alternative for Germany party in local elections in Germany, artists and directors are worried that freedom of expression — and state funding — may be at risk.
Full story - November 26, 2019
An Asian man holds a volleyball on the court
Just about everyone playing with the Boston Hurricanes has roots in China, which is no coincidence — it’s the rules. The game started in the city parks and alleyways of Chinatowns, but it’s reached the suburbs as Chinese American communities change.
Full story - November 26, 2019
People bang on pots and pans in front of white truck
The banging of pots, pans, forks, spatulas, whatever was at hand, began in a small neighborhood in Bogotá and quickly spread like wildfire. The phenomenon grew to define the anti-government protests in Colombia, and sent a unified message: We will not be silenced.
Full episode - November 26, 2019
Three people are shown riding bicycles along with one riding a scooter and all wearing face masks.
A new UN report about climate emissions shows that the world is way off track to meet the goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement. Also, Russia is again under fire again for allegedly falsifying laboratory data and could be banned from major global sporting events. Plus, the world's top rated sushi restaurant has been removed from the Michelin guide. The fabled restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro was featured in the 2011 film "Jiro Dreams of Sushi." So what happened?