With violence in Syria preventing American officials from entering the country to interview Iraqi refugees, many are stuck in Syria with no way to join their families in the United States.
An international effort to raise money for and awareness of men's health has taken root on men's faces around the world.
The so-called "price tag" attacks are reprisals against Palestinians and Israelis they view as collaborating with the Palestinians by tearing down settlements that Israeli government considers to be illegal.
With high population density and few natural resources, Rwanda is trying to carve out a path to a prosperous future using the model of one of the great Asian economies: Singapore.
Ulcinj was once a home to slavery and pirates. Now it's a somewhat diverse community that celebrates where people came from.
In the Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan, the akyns, or poets, occupy an important role. Part entertainer, part reporter, these cultural icons are helping tell the story of the nation's democratization.
A few brave tourists in the central African Democratic Republic of the Congo are going on mountain hikes to take in a spectacular sight in nature: the eruption of a volcano. Virunga National Park is a short, but safe distance from the erupting Mount Nyamulagira, giving park visitors a front row seat.
In the hours before and after New York police dispersed the Occupy Wall Street camp at Zucotti Park, law enforcement in Switzerland and the United Kingdom began taking steps to disperse their own camps. But protesters were undeterred.
In Peru, the ascendancy of cooking with local ingredients and flavors has fueled a resurgence in local crops. Couple that with climate change that necessitates hardier plants and all of the sudden the native tubers and grains are becoming popular not only in Peru, but around the world.
In Mexico, 6,000 complaints have been filed against the Army for its action during the country's war on drugs. And while, the army retains support, many people are concerned about the number of Mexican who have merely gone missing — and not at the hands of the cartel.