Full story - August 13, 2019
We see a close up of a man, who visits the new MSF (Doctors Without Borders) Ebola treatment centre in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Doctors from Democratic Republic of Congo want to prioritize two new treatments made from Ebola antibodies while dropping the use of other, less effective treatments.
Full story - August 13, 2019
A man speaks into microphones
President Nicolás Maduro's government has accused more than 20 lawmakers of treason and conspiracy or similar crimes, most recently on Monday. The World's Marco Werman speaks with opposition politician Juan Andrés Mejía, who recently fled to the US to avoid being detained by Maduro's regime.
Full story - August 13, 2019
Amma embraces a devotee surrounded by others in orange and white robes
Devotees believe that a single hug from Amma — known as a “universal mother” plugged into a divine, infinite energy source — can heal the world.
Full story - August 13, 2019
A group of people is seen on a mobile staircase at an airport.
The Phillips Collection's new exhibition, “The Warmth of Other Suns: Stories of Global Displacement,” takes a look at immigration and the struggles of those who have been displaced.
Full story - August 12, 2019
A hand waving a small American flag
The Trump administration issued a "public charge" rule designed to restrict residency for immigrants with the potential to receive public assistance.
Full episode - August 12, 2019
Three women are shown in colorful attire and head coverings walking past an armed security official.
Kashmir remains cut off from the outside world. Should the US intervene? Also, protests in Hong Kong continue to escalate as protesters shut down the Hong Kong airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. And, we kick off a series on the changing face of evangelical Christianity.
Full story - August 12, 2019
Northern right whales
Right whales have followed a type of plankton to waters further north — putting them into highly trafficked shipping lanes. Of 20 whales found dead in the past two years, seven appear to have been hit by ships.
Full episode - August 09, 2019
A crowd of people wave Russian flags and one holds up a photo of Putin on a sign
Friday marks 20 years of Vladimir Putin at the helm in Russia. We look at how Putin acquired, consolidated and held onto power for two decades. Plus, we examine the communication clampdown in Kashmir and the apparent uptick in hate speech in the United States with a UN official. And protesters have started a three-day sit-in at the Hong Kong airport.
Full story - August 09, 2019
A group of people hold candles during a vigil at a memorial.
It's up to the students to make change, student leader says, as new poll reveals 78% of Americans said it was likely that another mass shooting would take place in the next three months.
Full story - August 09, 2019
Vladimir Putin walks between two rows of people clapping their hands and taking photos with their cell phones
Aug. 9 marks two decades of Vladimir Putin in power in Russia. Here are the events that have shaped — or been shaped — by the former KGB officer.