Mali is in turmoil right now. The civilian government was overthrown and is only now being re-established. The northern part of the country has been cut off from the capital and the government in a rebellion. Much of this can be traced back to mass migration after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.
London residents are being asked to give blood, ride their bikes and make deliveries in the dead of night, just some of the inconveniences they're being asked to consider as the city tries to prepare for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Keep calm and carry on, as they say.
While prostitution is legal and prevalent in Cartagena, the city has a much more complex and appealing reputation as well. It's a World Heritage site, with ancient colonial buildings and a jumping off point for a family and adventure tours as well. Locals say that's being overlooked since the Secret Service prostitution scandal there.
The Netherlands is one of the richest and strongest economies in the euro zone. But, in recent months, the country has dipped back into recession as it tries to shave nearly $20 billion from its budget. It's forced some people living on the margins to seek assistance.
Charles Taylor was convicted this week of aiding and abetting war criminals in Sierra Leone during that country's civil war. But his road to leader of Liberia and ultimately to war criminal wasn't as simple as you might think.
Two small towns, one in Oregon the other in Scotland, are considering becoming sister cities. They're not exactly linked by trade, nor are they culturally significant. It's really the towns' names that have the two communities considering linking up.
Across the European continent, there's a growing belief that austerity is killing those country's future, and it's growth, not spending cuts, that is needed to turn things around. But there's a tension between the need to balance the budget and the desire to grow.
Some doctors in Turkey are taking a musical approach to healing. The doctors at Memorial Hospital in Istanbul are performing live music for their patients. They say the healing power of music goes beyond psychological benefits, helping physiological problems as well.
Jess Thom was diagnosed with Tourette's when she was in her 20s. Today, she's taken on an alterego, Tourtette's Hero, and started a website too, with an aim of improving understanding of Tourette's and people who have it.
Remembrance Day, celebrated Wednesday, is a chance for Israelis to remember their countrymen who have died in the Middle Eastern conflict. While it's a national holiday, there's a profound disconnect with the Palestinians who live in Israel and whose dead aren't technically honored.