International reaction to Barack Obama's economic plan, and perceived implications for the global economy.
Members of the musical group Monareta hail from Bogota, Columbia, but spend a lot of time in Brooklyn.
Understanding Hamas' motivations and strategy in Gaza, which analysts say is more a political calculation than a military one.
The extra second added to 2008, atomic clocks, the GMT and other ways timekeepers try to keep us all on time.
Israel has rebuffed international calls for a ceasefire in its assault on Gaza, and has hinted at expanding its offensive.
Sufis seek divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God -- this is the theme of the music of Arieb Azhar.
The Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip continues with air raids on Hamas targets -- a reporter in Gaza City reports on the current conditions there.
Donations have generously helped tsunami survivors in Aceh, but the neediest children in there these days are not tsunami survivors.
Italians are spending so much time on Facebook that some employers are banning it from the workplace.
The West African country of Ghana is making moves to become the next big call service center.