Anti-government demonstrations across Iran reportedly left at least eight people dead over the weekend.
From Copenhagen to Afghanistan -- a look back at how President Obama's policies were perceived around the globe.
The man credited with bringing rock 'n' roll to Korea is honored with a special Fender guitar.
At the Amman Stand-Up Comedy Festival in Jordan, you won't hear a lot of jokes about the government, but mother-in-laws are fair game.
The South African military is now allowing HIV-positive soldiers to serve in foreign deployments and be promoted.
India promises to reduce its greenhouse emissions by boosting green energy, but some question whether it can deliver.
In his speech in Oslo, President Obama defended the US role in Afghanistan, arguing the use of force could bring lasting peace.
Group Doueh hails from a refugee camp in Algeria -- the band has a raw, powerful sound that counts Jimi Hendrix as an early influence.
South Africa has the largest number of HIV-infected people on the planet, but the country is taking aggressive new steps to fight AIDS.
Ontario hopes to phase out coal-fired power plants within five years as part of an aggressive new green energy plan.