Facing political and economic pressure from the US, Mexico has seen a shift in public attitude toward migrants: Rising resentment is replacing tolerance in a country that is both deeply religious and has a long history of sending its own citizens to the US.

As the Greek government tries to get its budget deficits under control, another public sector strike rippled through the country on Monday.
Afghanistan's justice system is in shambles, but some are trying to restore the country's faith in the rule of law while protecting women and girls.
A new book out this month takes you inside the shadowy world of online crime and DarkMarket, a now-shutdown hangout for global cybercriminals.
Hollywood celebrities are making a splash in Russia — and it's not for their blockbuster movies.
Two Liberian women shared this year's Nobel Peace Prize with a woman from Yemen. The news provoked celebrations and pride in many parts of Liberia, though not everyone is happy.
The influx of cash that accompanied foreign aid agencies, diplomats and private security firms led to the growth of business in Kabul, but security is still a big hurdle for the city.
In recent years, J1 workers have reported that their stays in the US were characterized by menial jobs, low wages, filthy living conditions, and a lot of economic exploitation.
The Chinese government issued $30 billion in credit last year to its top solar companies, more than 15 times what the US government provided to American solar manufacturers.
Plane tickets through Europe may get more expensive soon, as airlines may start paying for carbon emissions. Some American carriers have called the charges illegal.
A proposed bill before the US Senate puts duties on goods from China that the US deems artificially cheap -- China says passage of the bill would trigger a trade war.