New science is pointing to the ocean garbage patches being larger than previously believed. That's because scientists think a lot of the plastic and other bits of trash in the ocean is actually swirling underwater, rather than collected along the surface.
Memorial Day is a good time to remember not only the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, but also to remember other veterans. Russ Davis is one of those veterans who came back home, and is now training to become a counselor for other veterans.
Tuaregs in Mali united with Islamic militants against the Mali government and successfully drove the government out. But they didn't realize they'd be getting a new home under Islamic law. Now, Tuareg civilians are fleeing the violence of the revolution and the newly instituted Islamic law.
Britain has a love-affair with class. It's enshrined in its monarchy and system of lords and titles. But in the 1980s and 1990s, the government tried to drive class away. Now, though, some are beginning to declare that class never could have disappeared, except from the language of politicians.
Long before Mao Zedong took the reins of power in China, he went to one of the poorest villages in rural China. That village, in Jiangxi province, is still one of China's poorest. And it's far from the classless dream Mao espoused while he was there.
For many residents of India, caste is an important factor in daily life. It's so pervasive that when selecting a mate, even using an online dating website, many people wouldn't imagine considering someone from a different caste.
Egypt's expected to get the results of its first round of presidential elections sometime this weekend. All-in-all, many Egyptians seem pleased. But there have been reports of improprieties and flaws, leading some to wonder how fair the elections are.
The Ukrainian people took to the streets in 2004, demanding free and fair elections in what became known as the Orange Revolution. They got what they wanted then, but over time things have reverted to the way they were. That has some in the middle class a bit disillusioned.
Toronto's economy is booming, and its housing market is booming right along with it. The city has an enormously large number of sky-rise buildings under construction, and many of them hardly get finished before they're purchased — usually for top dollar. All that has some wondering if Toronto might be heading for an American-style housing bubble.
If you work in the natural resources industry, or happen to know how to pilot a fighter jet, Australia wants you. They're offering hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in pay, multi-year or even permanent work visas and they're taking their show on the world to attract applicants.