When Angola was still a colony of Portugal, dance clubs in Angola produced a kind of distinct music that took fire and eventually took Portugal by storm. Now, a new band of Portugese and Angolans is taking that old kuduro sound and turning it into new music.
Residents of the Palestinian West Bank are restless after a series of moves have dramatically raised their cost of living while wages are not being paid. Several protests have been held, leading Palestinian leaders to promise changes.
The United States is held in high regard in Kosovo because of its role in supporting the former Serbian province's bid for independence. So, for many Kosovars, having a beefy American muscle car is a high sign of status. So much so that Kosovars living abroad, even in the U.S., often bring their cars home with them on vacation.
Spain's Catalonia region, in the northeast part of the country, wants its independence. It's been a goal of many for a while, but with Spain's economy continuing to languish, discord has broken out in visible ways, manifested Tuesday in a march that according to some drew as many as a million people.
Adventure tourists aren't looking for high thread count or luxury amenities when they pick where to go. Rather, they're looking for extremes. A New York man is trying to tap into that culture with an extreme bike ride across Haiti, which he hopes will promote tourism and raise awareness of the impoverished country.
Some 400 Palomas, Mexico, residents cross the border into New Mexico every day to go to school. These kids, all American citizens, are choosing to get an education in the U.S., rather than Mexico. But the border crossing comes with a price.
Every Chinese high school senior takes a test that can truly determine their future. Score high enough, and you could be whisked away to Hong Kong and one of the best educations money can buy. Miss, and your options are limited. But some students buck the test and head overseas. Each decision changes students' future path.
As Syria's civil war drags on into its 19th month, and with not an end in sight, Syria's rebels are learning that in order to win, they might need to adjust the face they present the world. So they're turning to some public relations training, in an effort to adjust the picture they're presenting to the world.
As media cover the Paralympic Games in London, many are trying hard to use the most inclusive language possible. But when it comes to foreign languages, what's inclusive doesn't always transcend those boundaries. And that can be a problem for journalists.
In Barack Obama's first election, the eyes of Kenya, where his father was born, were watching closely. But this year, as the novelty has worn off and Kenyans face their own upcoming election, attention has shifted -- especially as people focus on getting young people interested in voting.