The BBC's Gilles Peterson compiled a tribute playlist to Nelson Mandela that features songs, sounds and spoken word pieces.
Gay rights activists wave flags and shout slogans as they attend a protest against a verdict by the Supreme Court in New Delhi December 11, 2013.
Deepak Singh never meeting an openly gay person when he was growing up in India. That, of course, has changed in the years since, with people of many different sexual orientations coming into his life. But the news out of India's Supreme Court decision, makes his heart grieve.
Phone Booth
It's a question that could come up at Christmas parties around the world. We used a Freedom of Information Act Request to help answer it.
Wilkins photo of The World newsroom
News of Nelson Mandela's death broke just after The World had finished airing its daily edition from 3-4pm eastern time. Here's a look behind-the-scenes as our newsroom responded with live coverage for the next few hours.
With Nelson Mandela’s death, many South Africans felt the country lost its greatest leader. So, Friday morning, many turned to the nation’s other global icon – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.
For me, like most of my fellow countrymen, Mandela means so much more than the icon celebrated by many around the world. He was more of a grandfather than a former president.
Nelson Mandela in 2010
Nelson Mandela's death was announced practically in the middle of the night. And while it was far from unexpected, that it came still shocked a nation.
Protesters in Kiev, Ukraine
The current protests against Ukraine's President Yanukovych could turn into a replay of the 2004 revolution which led to his downfall.
COSAT student
Some people think life in America is wonderful. Others think it's terrible. What do high school students in South Africa think?
School Year Blog: Watch this eighth-grader do math ridiculously fast
Students at COSAT are encouraged to practice mental math on their own and one student has taken that challenge to heart.