The Roma in Romania have long been called Tigan or Gypsy. Now, the country has made Roma the official term and hopes to reduce stereotypes and discrimination.
Off the coast of El Hierro, one of the smallest of the Canary Islands, a volcano is bubbling magma to the surface. If it carries on long enough, El Hierro could become bigger, or a new island could be former. For now, though, the locals just want it to go away so the tourists come back
In a sign of the continued deterioration of the relationship between Pakistan and the United States, Pakistani officials gave their military permission to return fire on Americans if they're attacked. They've also shutdown the border, the primary avenue for supplies for the NATO force.
In China, the government is becoming more open to its people embracing Buddhism and Buddhist principles. But when it comes to the Dali Lama, and Tibet, things are more restricted than ever.
At Cerro Negro, extreme sports junkies have a new adventure: volcano boarding. Traveling at nearly 60 mph, they careen down the mountain on plywood boards the size of snow sleds.
For almost 100 years, the Australian government maintained a policy of forcibly taking Aborigine children from their families and putting them with white families. Some, like Levon Ennis, were even sent abroad. Ennis is now trying to reconnect with his heritage and find his place in the world.
Public sector employees in the United Kingdom left their jobs and took to the streets on Wednesday to protest what they say is unfair negotiating and an unfair plan to cut their pensions. The government says it needs the cuts to balance the budget.
As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits Myanmar, ethnic violence continues around the country. State Department officials say Clinton will meet with leaders of ethnic minorities.
Governments around the world are investing in training "kids" in cyber hacking in the hopes that they could be useful in a cyber war. And in this emerging area of warfare, the advantages the United States often has in warfare may not apply.
Samira Ibrahim is speaking out against mistreatment she said she was subjected to by the Egyptian Army. The Tahrir Square protester said she was detained back in March, beaten and abused, including being subject to a "virginity test."