Politics and music have not always mixed well in Ethiopia. But governments change -- and the music survives, and evolves. A fine example is a new project that highlights the work of Ethiopian musicians today.
The EU threatens retaliation over the "Buy American" clause in the economic stimulus package, and British workers protest foreign laborers.
Increasingly, used electronics are winding up in Africa, and Africans are paying a price – with their health.
Thousands of Iraqi women are on the ballot in this weekend's provincial elections, despite the risks they face to participate in the polls.
China is trying to get its 700 million rural people to spend -- by offering them subsidies for household appliances.
Israeli officials are preparing for an expected wave of lawsuits accusing Israeli soldiers of committing war crimes in Gaza.
Financial woes have forced the 'One Laptop Per Child' project to 'refocus its mission.'
The two-part film follows the rise and fall of the Cuban revolutionist who became the cult of Che.
Iran imprisons two doctors, architects of its HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs, over alleged plot to overthrow the government.
The troubled U.S. auto industry leaves Latino auto workers feeling especially vulnerable.