The defense budget has become 'bloated' and shouldn't be 'off limits' to cuts say some Tea Party members.
An app allows people to see a united Korea through augmented reality.
Egypt's former president goes on trial for corruption and ordering the killing of demonstrators, and could face the death penalty.
New English language proficiency test for would-be immigrants in the UK challenged in court case.
In Europe, some see the eleventh-hour package of spending cuts and tax hikes making up the US debt deal as too little, too late.
Israelis feeling the pinch from low salaries, high prices and steep taxes on consumer goods stage protests throughout the country.
Beck referred to the Labor Party youth camp attacked by a gunman as 'a little like the Hitler Youth.'
Two ads featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington have been banned in the UK for being 'misleading.'
The targets of right-wing extremists in Norway have moved from immigrants to politicians.
Presidential election campaigns feature incumbent Dmitry Medvedev as a superhero and challenger Vladimir Putin with an army of sexy females.