Full episode - October 22, 2020
Two political yards signs are shown side-by-side — a mostly blue-colored Trump sign and a white with blue lettering Biden sign.
The US Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray announced Wednesday that Iran is behind a campaign of sending threatening, faked emails to voters in the US ahead of the 2020 presidential election. And, in the wake of the pandemic, the International Monetary Fund has doled out billions of dollars to keep countries afloat, with few restrictions. But now those countries say the IMF wants them to impose austerity measures. Also, a doctor in northeastern India dances for COVID-19 patients to make them feel happy — and a video of his moves has gone viral.
Full story - October 22, 2020
Dr. Arup Senapati is shown in full medical personal protective equipment and dancing in a hospital.
A video Dr. Arup Senapati dancing for his patients to the party track “Ghungroo” has gone viral, winning praise even from Bollywood.
Full story - October 22, 2020
Amsterdam's red-light district remains sparse as many international tourists have stayed away during the pandemic.
Prior to the pandemic, Venice, Prague and Amsterdam had become so saturated with visitors that locals no longer recognized their hometowns. But with COVID-19 restrictions, residents are breathing a sigh of relief while many businesses face unprecedented losses.
Full story - October 22, 2020
People wearing protective gear worship in front of a 10-armed ornate goddess idol on a platform.
As COVID-19 cases rise in West Bengal state, Durga Puja festival organizers and devotees alike are following strict protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and families are adapting traditional rituals in order to celebrate safely.
Full story - October 22, 2020
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe is shown wearing a dark blue suit and striped tie with a US flag pin.
US officials accused Iran on Wednesday of sending out fake but menacing emails to voters in swing states in an effort to influence public opinion just before the presidential election. And, former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has been asked to form a government again. Also, Poland’s high court ruled that a 1993 law permitting pregnancy terminations for fetal defects was unconstitutional.
Full episode - October 21, 2020
Eight uniformed officers are shown carrying a brown wooded coffin.
The gruesome murder of a history teacher in France has sparked intense criticism of social media companies over the role they played in motivating the killer and inciting the fatal attack. And, according to a new study by the University of Cambridge, millennials around the world are currently less satisfied with democracy and more disillusioned than at any other time in the past century. Also, one of the biggest issues facing some European cities before the coronavirus was overtourism. So, how are the cities coping now that the tourists are staying at home?
Full story - October 21, 2020
A woman stands on a street wearing a head covering and talking on the phone
For two decades, Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has fought for the rights of children, women and minorities in Iran. She has been arrested several times and is currently serving a 38-year prison sentence. “Nasrin” is a new documentary that tells her life story. 
Full story - October 21, 2020
Children line up to enter a a temporary shelter in Florida, Feb. 2019.
Immigration lawyers representing families that were separated upon entering the US at the southern border say 545 children remain completely cut off from their parents, protesters in Nigeria’s biggest city appeared to break an around-the-clock curfew amid widespread chaos, and with fresh clashes continuing in Nagorno-Karabakh, the coronavirus is spreading unchecked.
Full story - October 21, 2020
Eight square-size pictures of young men and women appear over a white background.
VIDEO: Eight Latino first-time voters tell The World about their politics, priorities and concerns leading up to the November presidential election.
Full story - October 20, 2020
Protesters clap and cheer on the streets under a hot sun and blue sky, with one woman wearing sunglasses and head covering
The announcement comes after months of behind-the-scenes negotiations between the US and Sudan.